RooKaps is a preferred provider of USB caps, covers and plugs. We offer innovative solutions for protecting USB connectors or ports including Type A, Type B, mini, micro, male or female. The Rookaps product portfolio includes USB replacement caps on lanyards, tethered USB caps, USB port covers and more. Additionally we provide custom imprinted flashdrives, custom imprinted flashdrive lanyards, and custom imprinted USB caps packaging

Our History

RooKaps was started in 2007 in Cleveland, Ohio. Our original product was the KwikKap--a clear snug fitting USB cap with a universal fit. We started with a small online presence, selling our products at a local bookstore, and at computer fairs. Today we ship all over the world to various types of companies and to individual consumers. Additionally, some of our products are offered on Amazon, and eBay.

Our Products

SILICONE FREE -- Why?  We started out of the gate determined to produce our products using silicone. Thankfully, before developing our first USB cap we consulted with a team of scientists to determine what material would work best for our intended purpose and desired properties. It was determined that Silicone would be the absolute worst material for protecting electronic devices. Silicone by its nature attracts static and dust. There are silicone USB covers on the market -- but not ours. Our soft caps are made of pliable plastisol materials with electrostatic dissipative properties.

90% of our products are USA made. All assembly is done in the USA.

All of our products have an Australasian influenced name... RooKaps, Kiwikaps, KoalaKaps, etc.   Why?... Because we are quite smitten with kangaroos.

Our Customers

We appreciate our loyal customer base. Many started ordering from us in 2007 and have continued to order throughout the years for themselves and friends.

Our commercial clients include: Healthcare Facilities, Schools, Manufacturers, Libraries, Electronic Resellers, Chemical Companies, Aerospace Facilities, Medical Equipment Manufacturers, Defense Contractors, U.S. military, and more.


"I thought my retractable flash drive was a great idea -- then I realized just how vulnerable it was. Your KwiKkaps provided the protection I needed for my flash drive. Thanks for a great product!"
-- C. Lesley, Ohio, USA

"I didn't want a new [flash drive] just another cap. Thanks for creating this product."
-- C. Staten, Georgia, USA

"Fantastic! I hate the idea of throwing away a perfectly functionning USB stick just because the cap is missing."
-- C. Cormon, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"I got the Rookaps today - fit like a glove! ...these are just too neat an item to not share with other folks! What a great idea!"
-- B. Schmidt, N. Dakota, USA

"They [KeeperKaps] are very convenient and I especially like the idea of having them tethered to the connector cable so they don't get lost, what a great idea!"
-- P. Diehl, USA