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Klug Kaps

computer pc port usb slot dust covers
KlugKaps -- These USB dust covers are designed to fit a standard USB connector, such as Laptop, Desktop PC computer, etc. KlugKaps have an easy-grip tab for better handling. Translucent Clear or Black. Silicone material.
$3.79 $2.99 (5 Pack)  /  $6.09 $4.99 (10 Pack)
Animation of USB Flash Drive In Need of Cover
  • Dust, grime and static can ruin your device
  • Protect your device & valuable data
  • Keep extra caps (covers) on hand
  • Snug fit on Flash Drives, USB cables, & more!
  • Save your current device
  • One Multi-pack will protect several devices
  • Use to color code your devices

Kord Kaps

USB Caps Covers on Lanyard Cords Product named KordKaps
(Caps 1/2" height / Available in White Also)

KordKaps -- You asked for them... USB caps on lanyards! Soft and durable non-slip fit with ESD properties** and the added bonus of a securely attached lanyard.
$3.99 (Each)

Kord Kaps II

USB Caps Covers on Lanyards
(Caps 1/2" height)

KordKaps II -- An expanded family of cord colors.   1/4" round lanyards with clear USB caps.
$3.99 (Each)

Keeper Kaps
(Standard or Long)
Tethered USB Caps for Flash Drives

KeeperKaps-- Our BEST SELLER! These work beautifully on your flash drive, other USB device, or USB cables. Made from soft but durable ESD material. The attached cord with elasticity makes for easy tethering to your device or cable. Packages of 2 in standard length (1/2") or longer length (3/4"). Colors: White, Black, or Clear.
$3.95 (Pack of 2)

Kandy Kaps

(Caps 1/2" height)

Kandy Kaps -- These 'lifesavers' look good enough to eat! However, we suggest using these caps to provide a non-slip fit on any usb connector. Made from soft and durable ESD material*. 'Kandy Kaps' are a great way to color code your devices, or just to add a zing of color. Includes translucent -- red, yellow, blue, black and green.

$6.99 (Pack of 5)  /  $12.29 (Pack of 10)

Key Kaps
USB Caps with attached Key Ring
(Caps 1/2" height)

Key Kaps -- Conveniently attach to your key ring or other. Soft and durable non-slip fit with ESD properties*. 1" split key ring opens easily. Available in 5 Translucent Colors -- red, yellow, blue, black and green.
$2.99 (Each)
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Kwik Kaps

(Caps 1/2" height)

Kwik Kaps--Our original replacement cap provides a non-slip fit on any USB connector. Like all of our caps, KwikKaps are made from soft durable ESD material*.

Also available in Long (~3/4 in.). Need just a few? Order our 4 pack. Keep plenty of extras on hand...order our 12 pack!

$3.17 (Pack of 2)   /   $5.99 (Pack of 4)
$15.99 (Pack of 12)

Koil Kaps

(Caps 1/2" height)

Koil Kaps -- Wire ring conveniently attaches to an existing lanyard. Soft and durable non-slip fit with ESD properties*.
$2.29 (Each)

Krystal Kaps

Krystal Kaps -- Replacement caps are crystal clear. These hard caps provide a non-slip fit on any usb connector. Krystal Kaps have special easy-grip ridges. Transparent Clear or Transparent Red.
[View Red Cap]

$4.75 (Pack of 3)

Karat Kaps

(Caps 1/2" height)

Karat Kaps -- A Customer Favorite! These replacement caps provide a non-slip fit on any usb connector. Our multi-pack color caps with lanyards are a great way to color code your devices. Includes 4 translucent colors -- red, yellow, blue and green. Great gift idea!
$11.97 (Pack of 4 Colors)

Kiwi Kaps

(Caps 5/8" height)

Kiwi Kaps -- are 5/8" long and fit a USB Type Mini B plug; "perfect for protecting your cell phone cord, GPS cable cord, camera charger cord and more." Now available with a tether! The durable tether has elasticity to keep your cap conveniently attached to your cord!

$4.77 (Pack of 5) -- Standard No Tether
$4.77 (Pack of 3) -- With Tether


(Caps 1/2" height)

Kapsters -- USB (Type A) Protective Covers. Protect your unused ports from dust, dirt and other contaminants Kapsters look great and stay in place snuggly.
$3.50 (Pack of 2)
* Electrostatic Dissipative (Anti-static)