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"...the cost of lost data is substantial."
Pepperdine University Study, 2003

"...The standard...flash drive has a cap that protects the drive from dirt and dust. Losing the cap can be a headache."
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"I thought my retractable flash drive was a great idea -- then I realized just how vulnerable it was. Your KwiKkaps provided the protection I needed for my flash drive. Thanks for a great product!"
-- C. Lesley, Ohio, USA

"I didn't want a new [flash drive] just another cap. Thanks for creating this product."
-- C. Staten, Georgia, USA

"Fantastic! I hate the idea of throwing away a perfectly functionning USB stick just because the cap is missing."
-- C. Cormon, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"I got the Rookaps today - fit like a glove! ...these are just too neat an item to not share with other folks! What a great idea! "
-- B. Schmidt, N. Dakota, USA

"They [KeeperKaps] are very convenient and I especially like the idea of having them tethered to the connector cable so they don’t get lost – a great idea! "
-- P. Diehl, USA


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KlugKaps -- These USB dust covers are designed to fit a standard USB connector, such as Laptop, Desktop PC computer, etc.   KlugKaps have an easy-grip tab for better handling. Translucent Clear or Black. Silicone.

$3.79 $2.99 (Pack of 5)  /  $6.09 $4.99 (Pack of 10)
6 Reasons to
Buy USB Caps...

  • Dust, grime & static can ruin your device
  • Protect your device & valuable data
  • Keep extra caps on hand
  • Snug fit on MP3, MP4, Flash Drives, Data Storage Devices, USB cables, and more!
  • Save your current device
  • One Multi-pack of RooKaps will protect several devices

Kord Kaps

(Caps 1/2" height / Available in White Also)

KordKaps -- You asked for them... USB caps on lanyards! Soft and durable non-slip fit with ESD properties** and the added bonus of a securely attached lanyard.
$3.99 (Each)

Kord Kaps II

(Caps 1/2" height)

KordKaps II -- An expanded family of cord colors.   1/4" round lanyards with clear USB caps.
$3.99 (Each)

Keeper Kaps
(Standard or Long)

After several requests for this type of product we finally came up with a tethered cap we are proud of! KeeperKaps work beautifully on your flash drive, other USB device, or USB cables. Made from soft and durable ESD material* and a cord with elasticity makes this one a winner! Packages of 2 in standard length (1/2") or longer length (3/4").
$3.95 (Pack of 2)

Kandy Kaps

(Caps 1/2" height)

KandyKaps -- These 'lifesavers' look good enough to eat! However, we suggest using these caps to provide a non-slip fit on any usb connector. Made from soft and durable ESD material*. 'Kandy Kaps' are a great way to color code your devices, or just to add a zing of color. Includes translucent -- red, yellow, blue, black and green.

$6.99 (Pack of 5)  /  $12.29 (Pack of 10)
Hot New Item!


K-Kaps -- Protect your Tablet Cable! This larger cap, provides a non-slip fit on many tablet and eBook devices. Made from soft and durable ESD material*. 'K-Kaps' are a great way to protect your iPad, iPod and other device cables.
$4.99 (Pack of 3)

Karat Kaps

(Caps 1/2" height)

Karat Kaps -- Our eBay bestseller! These replacement caps provide a non-slip fit on any usb connector. Our multi-pack color caps with lanyards are a great way to color code your devices. Includes 4 translucent colors -- red, yellow, blue and green.   Great gift idea!
$11.97 (Pack of 4 Colors)

Key Kaps

(Caps 1/2" height / Available in 5 Translucent Colors)

KeyKaps -- Conveniently attach to your key ring or other. Soft and durable non-slip fit with ESD properties*.
$2.99 (Each)

Klipper Kaps

KlipperKaps are great for conveniently clipping your flash drive inside a binder, bookbag, briefcase, purse, computer bag & more! (These clip beautifully onto a belt loop, however, doing so merits a degree caution.) Durable spring-loaded clip with a soft and durable ESD* properties cap. Overall length approx. 3 1/2".
$2.57 Each
Save Money by Purchasing Bulk Quantities -- contact us for pricing!   Call Toll Free: (877) 842-3551

Kwik Kaps

(Caps 1/2" height)

Kwik Kaps--Our most popular replacement cap provides a non-slip fit on any USB connector. Like all of our caps, KwikKaps are made from soft durable ESD material*. Also available in Long (~3/4 in.). Need just a few? Order our 4 pack. Keep plenty of extras on hand...order our 12 pack!

$3.17 (Pack of 2)   /   $5.99 (Pack of 4)
$15.99 (Pack of 12)

Koil Kaps

(Caps 1/2" height)

KoilKaps -- Wire ring conveniently attaches to an existing lanyard. Soft and durable non-slip fit with ESD properties*.
$2.29 (Each)

KrystalKaps -- Replacement caps are crystal clear. These hard caps provide a non-slip fit on any usb connector. KrystalKaps have special easy-grip ridges. Transparent Clear or Transparent Red. [See Red Cap]   (NON-ESD material*)

$4.75 (Pack of 3)

Kosmic Kaps

(Caps 5/8" height)

KosmicKaps -- Add a touch of glitz to your device! These replacement caps provide a snug fit on any US connector. Made from soft durable Electrostatic dissipative material.

$4.77 (Pack of 3)


Kapsters -- USB (Type A) Protective Covers. Protect your unused ports from dust, dirt and other contaminants Kapsters look great and stay in place snuggly.

$3.27 (Pack of 2)


(Caps 5/8" height)

KiwiKaps -- Caps are 5/8" long and fit a USB Type Mini B plug; "perfect for protecting your cell phone cord, GPS cable cord, camera charger cord and more." Now available with a tether! The durable tether has elasticty to keep your cap conveniently attached to your cord!

$4.77 (Pack of 5) -- Standard No Tether
$4.77 (Pack of 3) -- With Tether

* Electrostatic Dissipative (Anti-static)